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Carolynn, client's mother

"Laura is one of the kindest souls I have ever met. From the time she met my son and started therapy with him she has thought outside the box. She did not approach him as a diagnosis but rather a child with unique needs. She got to know both my son and me, and altered her therapy to meet our individual needs. I can still remember her reading my son the stinky bug book and hearing his laugh, which at the time was one of the few sounds he made. We are forever grateful for the care Laura showed us and her ability to adapt to our needs."

Samantha, client's mother

"When Laura first came alongside our family as our daughter's speech therapist, we were instantly impressed. Not only does she have extensive feeding experience, but she helped us advocate for our baby in multiple areas, and has been instrumental in her progress. Each therapy appointment, she not only works with our child, but also patiently educates us as the parents. She works with us to problem solve, and provides creative and practical solutions. She has offered support for us every step of our medical journey, and it's evident that she truly cares for the children she works with. Early intervention has been critical in our daughter's growth, and we are so thankful to have Laura as a key support on her team."

Abby, client's mother

"Ms. Laura will forever be a part of our family. She started working with our son around the age of 2. Her work with him was astounding. She has a pure heart of gold and a love for helping people grow and better themselves. She has the patience of a saint and was able to keep our little one occupied and engaged all while learning important speech skills. We cannot recommend Laura Davis enough."

Brittany, client's mother

"I could never say thank you enough to Laura for the time and effort she has put into our boy! She has been nothing but AMAZING since day one! She has helped my son grow tremendously with his speech, and the connection that the two of them have is so great! My son has blossomed since Laura has come into our lives, and I seriously could never recommend her enough. Her feedback and guidance throughout this entire process has been remarkable. She has always been flexible and adapting to exactly what my son needs. Thank you, Laura!"

Megan, client's mother

"Ms. Laura worked with my daughter for nine months. My daughter started off with a five word vocabulary. Within three months and Ms. Laura's help, her vocabulary exploded and my daughter was able to put words together to form sentences. Ms. Laura was able to give me helpful tips to work on in between sessions. It's amazing what she can do with just nine months. My daughter is a much happier toddler now that she is able to communicate."

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