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Speech & Language
  • Articulation and phonological disorders 

  • “Late talkers”

  • Receptive (comprehension) and expressive language delays / disorders  

  • Social / pragmatic communication issues 

  • Augmentative and alternative communication 

  • Passy Muir Speaking Valves

Boy Playing with Blocks
  • Addressing concerns with bottle and breast-feeding infants

  • Transitioning from tube feeding to oral eating

  • Improving picky eating and problem feeding

  • Decreasing sensory issues surrounding eating 

  • Transitioning to cup drinking 

  • Improving oral motor skills for chewing and swallowing 

  • Assisting with mealtime routines 

  • Maximizing nutrition

Eating Watermelon
Social Skills
  • Cognition

  • Attention

  • Play

Playing with Toy Vehicles
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